Whats a good Amplifier for Energy Veritas 2.4i?

I recently acquired a pair of very lightly used Energy Veritas 2.4i speakers. I need to buy an amplifier for them, and am not really sure which one to buy. Iam looking to spend around $1k for a used 2 channel amp. If I cant find something used soon, is buying a new Emotiva XPA-2 a good option for the Veritas 2.4i?

Thanks in advance.
The 2.4i's are quite revealing and can get unruly in the upper mids unless paired with quality amplification. At your price point, I would recommend a used Musical Fidelity (A5 or A5.5) or Anthem (Int 225) integrated. I am not familiar with the Emotiva.
I was initially considering the Adcom 5802 or Parasound A21, which seem to be hard to find. I will try to see if I can find any Musical Fidelitys. Anthem was also my initial choices but didnt know if it paired well with the Veritas.
I have the MF and like it alot. You might also consider McCormack DNA .5 which is very musical.