What wire to use /"upgrading" internal speaker

I've got some Tannoy D-700's that I'm thinking of upgrading the internal wiring with larger guage/ higher quality wire...and also soldering instead of spade connecting, as the manufacturer did.

What's the best wiring out there for this? Solid silver?
Any sources for such super wire?

Michael Percy sells internal wire.I suggest looking at the voice coils.The wiring there will let you know what gauge to use on that particular driver/speaker.Bigger is not always better.Use solid core silver on the mids/tweets and copper on the bass units.If possible,get cryo'd wire.On a three way,iused 18ga. on the woofers,22ga./mids and 26 ga. for the tweeter.There is also the InSound/Omega ribbon available as an internal wiring-only for the die-hard.{$16/ft}
The Percy internal wire is good advice however, I would suggest you decide on what speaker wire you will be using first. Then puchase the needed amount by foot of the SAME wire and use that to internally wire your speakers. I did this with a pair of Signets and JM Lab speakers I owned in the past and had exceptional results using XLO and AudioQuest.

I would also suggest you get rid of any speed or tin clips used internally to the drivers and or tweeter and solder a direct connection. This is helpful as well. Anyway, good luck!

Hoover and Strong (800) 759-9997 dead soft pure annealed silver wire.
14 ga. $2.17/ft
16 ga. $1.33/ft
18 ga $ .86/ft
contact Jenalabs for their hook up wire, Their cables are great and use the same wire
I'm also on the same thing as JBatlanta....my speaker cables are Audioquest but I've been unable to find some in bulk. I'm leaning towards a Cardas wire that Michael Percy sells.

I'm also looking to upgrade the caps and resistors in my speaker x-over, but I don[t know if I should use Metal, Film, Polipropilene (or whatever), etc. Any help on this would be much appreciated.

What quality of wire is the "Van Den Hul H.C. CS 18 Nitrogen Free" ??

Is it worth upgrading this wire?