What Tube Amp $3-6K Range For ML-Requests.?

I have a pair of Martin Logan Requests and a pair of
McIntosh MC 352's driving them. I like the set up but it is time to try something new. Anyone have any good ideas.
used BAT VK-75se. yummy. or maybe a new VK-75 (what i have) or ARC VT-100 mkIII?
a pair of BAT VK-60 monos
a pair of VTL MB225
Mesa Baron
The best tube drivers that I know in that price range.
Use the 352 for the bottom end and the tube McIntosh 2102 for the top end - if needed - use a Bryston 10B crossover for better control of the bottom end and matching levels - I do this with my ML Odysseys and it presents a great soundstage with the touch only tubes give - another tube amp I use is the EAR 534 with separate channel gain contols and optional XLR inputs - great looking and sounding - both of these units are low maintenance tube designs. The BAT's and VTL's are good choices - the Mesa Baron I found somewhat harsh sounding but that was years ago.
Look at the Conrad Johnson stuff - works great with MLs. I have premier 5 monoblocks (200w of EL34 power in Ultralinear, 100w in triode), that easily power my ML CLS or the Aerius Is I had for a while. Used in the $3-4500 range, I'd think. with NOS tubes, it's hard to find something better IMHO. the BAT stuff tends to be a bit cold in comparison, in my listening.

Thank you all for your input.
I changed my mind and dropped a few more bucks. I got the
MC 2000 and I like it a whole lot.
hello the BAT's won't drive those Martin Logan's simply not enough power there read the reviews for the vk 60's there actually approximately 35W per channel in stereo modes. Try VTL 225 or higher mono blocks
In what review have you seen that VK60 is 35w/ch ?
It's rated at 60 w/ch in stereo and 120 w/ch in monoblock configuration. Not that I've tried, but I think VK60 monos may be sufficient to drive ML
Stereophile reviewed them in 91 or 92.