What to replace my Dynavector 20x2L with

I just upgraded to the VPI Prime from the Scout. I moved my 20x over to it. And while it sounds waaaay better, the 20x will be ending its life cycle in about 8 months. 

While the Dyna is really good I'm looking for is a cart that will be a bit smoother, a bit warmer, and a 1 or 2 db less on the highs.  I have Thiel cs2.4s and while the are relatively neutral, my room acoustics don't favor the highs. It's our living room so the wife has shunned any room acoustic tweaks. I listen to a wide range of music, not one particular style.  I was thinking the Ortofon Quin. Black, but I'm open to anythink $1k or less. 

My my gear is as follows:

Thiel CS2.4 speakers
VPI Prime TT
Dynavector 20x2L Cart
PAD Venustas (Pres. Rev) phono cable
Parasound JC3+ phono amp 
Cardas Clear Light interconnect
BAT VK3ix Preamp
PAD Venustas (Pres. Rev.) speaker cable
Parasound A21 amp
If you are looking for a bit smoother than Dynavector, I would recommend you try a Sumiko Blackbird Lo MC. It list for a bit more than you are looking, but you may find a dealer willing to meet your price point.

Or Soundsmith Carmen MM perhaps.