What to match with Watt Puppy 5's

I've just purchaced the speakers of my dreams. It may seem small to some, but this is what i've worked for a long time coming. I currently have a Krell HTS2 and a Krell 280 CD. I am also running transparent cabling. What amp should I consider? This is in a Listening/theater environment. I enjoy all types of music from jazz to classical to rock.
I had the Watt/Puppies 5.1's and ran them with the Krell KRC-HR and FPB300, then FPB-600 (far superior to 300) with Transparent Reference. I now have the MAXX with KPS-25SC and 650MC's and CAST by Transparent and Transparent Reference XL speaker cables. I think Wilson designed these speakers around Krell, Levinson, etc with Transparent cabling, so you have good synergy now. A good Krell amp would make them come alive.
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Personally, I'd run a good tube amp. Helps flesh things out a bit and keep the top end tamed. I'm running wp 6's with trans ref cabling. Using a BAT vk75se. For you, VTL's maybe the 450's, BAT vk75 or 120's or 150's, Audio Research vt100 or 200. Some choice's, plenty of others.

Keep in mind, your Wilsons will let you hear everything, so make sure they get setup right, and enjoy! You'll love em.

PS, do a search on Wilson here. Ton's of posts regarding these speakers...
I heard the WP 5s sound great with a VAC Ren. 70/70.It threw a large,deatailed and very musical soundstage.I was impressed.Happy hunting!