What to expect?

I am trying Vinyl for the first time since high school, I am in a bad financial situation so 2 friends here from AGON put together an entry level vinyl rig wich is an Onkyo CP1027F with an Audio Technica AT 92ED Cartridge with a PS Audio 4.5 phono pre. I am so grateful I cant say enough thanks, as I wait for these to arrive I wonder how well this will mate with my AMC transport, Theta pro DACII and Monarchy Audio DIP, I just wonder if I will catch enough of the vinyl magic to get hooked or will I want better performance at first listen (Isuppose I wonder how this stacks up against my red-book gear)...any ideas of what to expect? All the same I am still pumped about new gear and music to buy, thanka all....Chad
Be excited and enjoy it! It'll be fun to find out how it does stack up against redbook. I should do the same experiment.