What to do with Acrylic Platter?

I have just made a couple of trips to the machine shop and am a bit disappointed.I had an acrylic Rega Platter machined and increased its depth from 10mm to 15mm.So it is supposed to be 295mm across,hole 20mm and depth 15mm.They could'nt get the hole right on 2 attempts and I now have 2 platters,one with a 20.5mm hole and one with a 21mm hole.They are an upgrade to the glass,and I am using a small piece of double-sided soft tape inside the hole to get a snug fit on to the wider part of the Rega spindle.This works ok but do you have better suggestions?Stefanl
I'm sure you could think of a few places where they could put those platters.....then,find another shop that know's what they are doing!
I do not know my MM vs inches so I am somewhat at a loss.
If you want to e-mail me direct chances are I can help you.
I own a manufacturing plant and 75% of what we produce is out of Acrylic. We use CNC equipment for close tolerance work. I would like to know what diameter the Rega spindle is? And what is the inside dia. ( in Inches or decimals ) of the hole in the platter. Depending on what they are a thin wall tube might do the trick over the spindle. If you care to e-mail me direct to discuss ( dadt531@aol.com )
I think my mistake was not taking the original platter in for proper measurement.The machine shop said later they could not guarantee exact size,I got 2 platters and have settled for using a rubber O ring from a hardware store which gives a tight fit.I was told by another place that they had better equipment and could guarantee tolerances to 0.1mm-0.2mm.Since I settled for a lesser option I got what I paid for.It will probably be ok the sound upgrade is palpable especially not using a mat.stefanl
As Valleyplastic said, perhaps a thin tube, or maybe have the platter drilled out and a larger plug with the correct size hole inserted. This would keep the entire piece acrylic.
Just as a point of interest, I noticed in the new Music Direct catalog that a company called Sheer Audio is making an acrylic Rega replacement platter they sell for $100.