What Speaker Cable for VIENNA MOZARTS

I just picked up a pair of the Mozarts & am looking for some recommendations on speaker cable. Location dictates a relatively long run of 20 feet. Thanks in advance for your help..."sagger"
We would suggest trying the D.H. Labs Silver Sonic Q-10, either externally bi-wired or internally bi-wired. We have received superb results from this relatively inexpensive cable.

REFERENCE - http://www.silversonic.com
DIRECT INFO - http://www.silversonic.com/docs/prod/Q10.html

Happy listening!


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what budget?...also, what gear are you using?
There's about a gillion different recommendations to be made at any given budget!!!...used or new!
perhaps you could clarify your sytem and budget!
Keri...this is a second system for me. It couples as HT & audio. Driven by B&K pro ref 20 & 5125 amp & a Pioneer DV-37 front end. With that the cable does not have to be super high end but decent.
That's an easy one. Analysis Plus Oval 9's. They are are great match with B&K gear and Viennas, are relatively inexpensive and perform like cables that cost much more expensive.
Hey Paul

Let me know what cable you decide on. I am looking for a good match with the Beethovens. I currently use Monster M 1.2's and they are a lot better than people think, but I just bought Monarchy Audio SM 70 Pro monoblocks (great amps) but I think I want to go with a more energetic neutral speaker cable to mate with these exceptional amps.
Hi Ernie:

I'm more than likely going to go with Apature of which I have a good source for. They are very good & ridiculously cheap with my source. Of course I will be using it for mainly HT. Let me know if you are interested. I would be more than happy to hook you up.
cuz I use the 1030 pre/pro, called B&K and specifically asked whether the current models perform better in "CD Direct" mode for stereo, and was told that that circuitry is pretty much the same from mine up to the current model.

If you ever can connect CDP directly into your amp (and you have revealing cables) you will see how much brightness and high frequency junk lousy preamps add to good stereo. Getting a good preamp or eliminating the preamp altogether is like getting a nice pair of sunglasses on a bright sunny day.