What SACD players have digital inputs?

Want to reccomend good SACD player to a freind that has a digital input like my old Adcom GCD-750 CD palyer had.Think right now bang for buck SACD player is Phillips for a grand but not sure if it has remote volume (probably though) letalone input.Thinking no need for pre-amp if SACD/CD pley is going to beused most but might want radio out of computer or carousel etc.Know that Accuphase has one but that's a bit steep.$1-2500 wouls be range.Know of anything???
I know of no SACD players that have digital ins... Many do not have digital outs. I would be interested in a model that has digital ins.

The Accuphase DP 85 has digital inputs so that it's DAC can be used by external sources.