What's wrong with my Adcom ACE-515?

I have two Adcom ACE-515 power strips. The units stopped working one day, 15amp cir. breaker isn't pushed out showing problem, no relay clicks, no outlet, except unswitched, works. Any help would be appreciated. I can trouble shoot with meter, have tried but only get power on pc board traces.

Is there proper power out of the outlet in the wall?

If you are referring to the circuit breaker in your house.......when they are tripped, they do not switch to OFF in the panel, just part way. They may look like they are ON to you, but they are not. You would need to switch them to OFF manually and then switch them back to ON.
If the unswitched outlet works, but switched ones don't, then it must be in the switched circuit. Check all external controls first and then look inside for a relay or something else in the switched circuit that isn't shared with the unswitched circuit. The switch, itself, for instance. It seems a bit strange that both would fail simultaneously, unless a surge caused them to fail.
Of course, prior to all this, you could call Adcom for their advice.
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These take 30-60 seconds to activate -are you waiting long enough after turn on? Also, I have one of the (two) AC cords plugged into the unit itself (can't remember why -s'been about 12 years since purchase... I suggest reading the owners manual.