What's the oldest piece of gear in your system?

This site is here for the buying and selling of Audio equipment. This causes me to wonder if most of us have relatively new equipment. If most of it is new, what is the oldest piece of equipment still in use, and why are you still using it?

My oldest piece is a Sota Star Sapphire, but it has been upgraded. It was originally purchased as a Sapphire in the 80's, but was upgraded to a Star Sapphire about two or three years ago.

What's your story?
I'm not sure which piece is older but they're all from the same golden tube era.
Speakers: Jensen CX120, EV 12TRXB coaxials from late 50s
amp: Lafayette KT550, Heathkit SA-2, scott LT-48, pilot 240 from the late 50s early 60s,
preamp: HK Citation I, Eico HF-85, marantz 7c, dynaco pas-3 from the 60s
tuner: MAC MR-71, Eico HF-90 from 70s and 60s
Turntable: EMT 930ST from the early 70s

The newest equipment I have is Marantz CD 17 MKII from the late 90s

I guess that makes me a "vintage" guy

Happy listening
I think my oldest piece went out the door a few months back. It was made in about 1961, was in mint shape and said "Marantz" with a serial number of "#81" on it. I traded it for a Hewlett-Packard Spectrum Analyzer Mainframe with several freshly calibrated plug-in modules that were fully guaranteed. When brand new, this equipment listed for about $30,000. Needless to say, it was a deal that i couldn't pass up.

The guy that i traded with owns a Cal Lab and is an avid Marantz collector. He told me that this was the nicest 8 that he had ever seen, hence his willingness to part with the equipment that i got in return. It will probably blend right in with his Marantz 2 and 9 mono-block's. I later traded him a Marantz 7 that i had "laying around" too : )

Other than that, my next oldest is probably a Harman-Kardon A-300. This is a beautiful old tube tuner that has an all copper chassis and cage on it. Believe it or not, the copper still gleams and i've never cleaned it with any type of metal polish, etc... I can't find any info on it, so if anybody knows anything about it or where i can find info about it, i'd love to hear from you : ) Sean
Sean THANK YOU. That Harmon-Kardon was taken from my car many years ago and now you have found it! Just send it to my home address and I will take care of the polishing up on that old copper chassis.

By the way, do you remember those LP's that were really great sounding that you found at a good deal? Those are mine too, just send them along in the box with the HK.