What's the best 2 channel amp for 1k?

I've just bought paradigm studio 100 v.2 speakers. Disappointed with my Denon 3802 receiver and Nad amps.

What would you experts suggest for my front speakers in the thousand dollar range? Do I need to save up and go higher? Help me please!
For this question, it would help us to help you if you could specify:

1. Your mussic/listening preferences (i.e., genres and styles, normal listening volume, any perference for tubes or solid state, etc).

2. Tell us something about your listening room as this will have a big effect in terms of what amps can drive your speakers comfortably.

3. Would you consider buying a used amp, or does it have to be new?

I'm forgetting many other factors as well. There are tons of excellent used amps in this price range but it's hard to recommend anything particular without know what you would be likely to like!

OK, let me do it anyway. My favorite amp that seems to work well (for me anyway) no matter what music (or room) that I throw at it is the Bel Canto eVo 200.2 digital amp which can be found in the used market here on Audiogon for about $1,100-$1,200. This particular amp just seems to let the music flow naturally without adding any coloration of it's own. That's why I can safely recommend it no matter what your answers to the above questions might be. If your listening room is greater than 30' x 20', then buy two of them and run them in bridged mono... oops, now we're way out of budget.

My strong reservation about these kinds of threads is that no matter what we "experts" may recommend, it may not suit your preferences - and thus the only two experts you can rely on are your own two ears. You really should go out and listen to as many amps as you can get your ears on before spending your money. One other suggestion - if you are intending to listen to learn, but then buy in the used market like here at Audiogon - be honest with the guys on the sales floor at the high end shops you visit. If you're kicking tires, tell them as much up front - it will save them the trouble and you the guilt.

Oh, and the other thing about gathering opinions here - it should just serve as a starting point in your research - you should read a lot to determine which amps / speakers / sources / cables etc are worth investigating futher, and then go out and do the demos.
Get a used YBA Integre DT for around $1000.
Thank you for your responses.

I have a large great room with 20' vaulted ceilings. I like a lot of bass and mostly rock and classical music.

Most of you seem to recommend high quality used comonents over lower end new stuff.
I orderd a set of nOrh's new LeAmpII's for $400 a monoblock set.After that I think used Monarchy's are your best bet for under $1000.

You might also get a Modified B&K ST-202 which is hard to beat for detail and transparency for under $400.Beats alot of things I have heard over the last year which sells for over $1K.
Pass Aleph-3 < $1000
Audio Research D70
At the risk of sounding like a used car salesman - Do, absolutely DO, check out the stratos amp from Odyssey Audio. Check out their ratings on this site
THe Plinius 8200 -hands down - no brainer- used$1600-1300. new $3300. probably be the last amp you'll ever want to own...