What's next after Dynavector 20XL?

I haven't heard and don't have audition access to the many fine cartridges mentioned in this Forum so I'm hoping you can help. I would like to move up a step or two from my current cartridge, but keep the budget to about $1,500 or less.

I like the character of the Dynavector 20XL as described in a 6moons review: "The DV 20X-2 brings more openness to the midrange without grain or stress, tremendously greater treble extension and information and a little more control in the bass. It also stages deeper and images more precisely whilst delivering almost all the dynamic impact of the Denon. The 20X-2 is not a warm cartridge but I doubt anybody would describe it as cold or analytical as you'll read about some older Lyras now and then. Neither does it offer the rich density of the better MM options but it certainly delivers the best of MC resolution and tonal finesse with a huge helping of giddy up."

One area that I would like to improve upon is tracking ability (some highly modulated grooves have caused mistracking).

What would you suggest as an upgrade?
Ihad a DV20XH on my Rega P7. When Itraded up to the P9 my delaer suggested a Lyra Delos - I am more than pleased with his suggestion. The suspension design is just so simple it is clever. This cartidge tracks without a hitch @ 1.75g (the suggested VTF to get the magnets to be parallel in the headshell).
If you like the 20XL's character, maybe the XX-2 MkII is a good choice. Love mine (which was rebuilt by Soundsmith), but it is the only high end cart I have had.

They can be found for less than the MSRP
If you're having mistracking issues then probably upgrade your arm or table.
I don't know any old Lyras being "cold" or "analytical". They're all precise and great for studio monitoring.
New Delos, Kleos will certainly outrun XX-2.
Transfiguration Axia

It retains the warmth and character of the Dynavector but adds that extra bit of dimension, texture and detail that comes from a better cartridge. When moving from the 20X to a XX2 you will gain detail but lose a bit of that warmth that the 20X has.
You didn't mention your table/arm/phono.
Inna, my system is almost all DIY or modified but here goes. I am using a modified Technics SL1210 with a stock arm that has been re-wired with Cardas and internally damped. The phono interconnects have also been changed to custom, low capacitance high quality OCC silver. I have the KAB fluid damper. The tube preamp (NOS tubes) is based on John Broskie's Tetra (phono) and Aikido (line) circuits. My tube amp is a Bob Latino ST-120 Dynaco-clone. Cables (interconnects, power) are also DIY.
You say you would like to improve on tracking ability, but the cart you have, (Dynavector 20XL with Microridge Stylus) is pretty much the ultimate in stylus tip technology. It doesn't get any better. What that means is, you are now hearing your table and arm when you hear distortion, not the cart. It has nothing to do with audio snobbery, but put that cart on a table with better motor/arm isolation, and you will find it tracks anything you can throw at it without breaking a sweat.
I think, I agree that arm and probably table too should get the attention first. $1500 is not little money especially when buying used. Yeah, you could consider re-evaluating your entire analog rig. I certainly would.
Thanks for the useful information.
Me too was very happy with the 20XL after having moved up from a Denon DL103. It has some of the Denon's hard to find qualities but with more extended frequency extremes.

I then traded up for the Lyra Kleos. Although it is definitely more refined with better soundstage and instrument separations, I missed the beat and tempo that moved me before.

If you like the 20XL's type of sound, then I would look into Dynavector's higher end model such as the Karat 17D3.