What's it worth?

I am considering selling my AR "The Turntable" that I purchased new in 1984 (still have receipt). It has a Linn Basik Plus arm and a Dynavector 20A2 cartridge. Have original box and instructions. It looks like new and everything works and sounds great.

I've seen AR turntables going for anywhere between a couple of hundred bucks and almost $2000. I have no idea what mine is worth.
That version of the AR Turntable sold for $325 without arm and is currently worth ~$150. The Linn arm sold for $295 and is currently worth ~$200. A cartridge of that age isn't really worth much since it likely needs to be replaced or rebuilt. So you could reasonably price the package for ~$350.
There are a lot of nostalgia freaks out there who will pay for this TT.
I'd price it at 1K and see what happens.
Can always go down$, but not up .