What's In Your Tape Cassette Deck Tonight?

With cassette tape making a HUGE comeback in todays ultra-lame-digital-world - what's in your cassette decks these days?

Today, cassette tapes that are cool again are:

Oā€‹.ā€‹Lā€‹.ā€‹V. - Old Light Variations by Old Light
Problems by Wooden Indian Burial Ground

Rock on curlycassettes.com! So easily you make us smile
Oh man Uber, we may be the only ones to use this thread šŸ˜šŸ‘šŸ¼
You could be right Brian but I was hoping the thread title might drag a few members out of hiding........
I just got my 680ZX back from Willy.Ā  He is a true master.Ā  Also, just purchased a really nice TOTL 3-head Kenwood deck that makes fantastic recordings.

I've been doing A LOT of cassette recording and playback recently.Ā  Love the hands on aspect of this!
See Brian, we are not alone!

Great to hear Mofi, and agreed Willy is THE man, and the price he charges for the work he performs is an absolute bargain imho.

My ZX7 that he refurbished is unbelievable.
I also picked up an old 500 Dual Tracer that I need to ask him if he can do anything with, it plays just fine but does not record, not that is a huge worry as can use the ZX7 for all recording duites.
Still working through my pile of Metal Fuji tapes I purchased a while back.Ā 
For the dedicated tapeheads, this might be of interest...

Just for the few dedicated souls who still actually play pre-recorded cassette tapes, you may find this usefull if any of your tapes have "the squeal"!

A couple days ago I played two back to back that developed the squeal part way through that just got unbearable before tapes end.

Now this I always thought was due to the transport getting sticky but it now seems it is actually the tape itself that is sticking due to lack of lubricant. Who even knew that audio tape was lubricated??

And apparently the worse offenders are the XDR range of tapes that are claimed to all have been faulty direct from the factory.

Watch the youtube video, its got a bit too much blather in it for my liking BUT when he gets to the solution it is quite simple and I can attest to the fact that it WORKS!