what preamp for ARC VT 130?

I hear that ARC amps work best w/ ARC preamps.I'd like a tube preamp, any ideas about used preamps w/ balanced outputs that might fit well w/ VT 130 & Linn Sara 9 speakers or does anyone have an ARC BL 1 to match my SP9 w/ the VT 130? How about A Melos SHA w/ this amp?There seem to be many available at an attractive price used? Thanks.
You have a wonderfully crafted amplifier. Melos is a fine produc, with a huge output for a preamp-in this situation it is largly a matter of taste. The most important factor being the preservation of the audio researches already great sound-you could go direct using a cd player with a digital volume control-tremendously pure and use an arc-phone pre for records-basically even a well built solid state pre would be fine-but listen around-audible illusions, melos, arc, sonic frontiers, cj, cat, bat-you'll probably fid the sounds more alike than different in that echelon and end up with a cost/asthetic answer-good luck. f.c.
For best possible results, you need the best tube amplifier out there; The Lamm LL2. The LL2 is truly the most musical all tube preamp currently made, and it doesn't cost an arm or a leg either.
Yor are right, ARC amps sound best with ARC preamps. I still love listening to my SP-8 and D-115,great sound, and that is after 15 years!
Buy an ARC LS-2 pull the sovtech out and put in a NOS Mullard.