What power cord to use with a Cary 306/200?

I am up in the air on what power cord to use with my Cary. I am open to any suggestions that have worked well with other Cary players.

You might look at Custom Audio Give Joe an email and he will be able to tell you all about CA's cables.

first use the one that came with the Cary. If something doesn't sound right to you, suspect your front end first, then your speakers, before you ever try to patch an audio problem with wires.
Muralman1, the Cary 306/200 CDP is my front end. There is intrinsicallly wrong with it. I just want to know if anyone knows of a power cord that works best with it.

Hey Tok20000 - Eljif would laugh at me for saying this but the Shunyata's with "star dust" are super good at making digital sound better and work nice on any CD player at any price (Accuphase, AudioAero, Wadia, Electrocompaniet, Audiomeca or even a piss ant Sony) as long as its the only Shunyata product in the system. Too much Shunyata is too much Shunyata and starts to darken the sound and create a surreal - almost AZ like atmosphere.

OR... getta Elrod for the Cary - much better clarity with the Elrods - less distinct coloration.

For more dynamics better definition try an NBS Statement.

But.. having spent some time with a Wadia 861 side by side with a Cary 306/200, me thinks a GOOD Shunyata KC or better will make things sound far less electronic. The lower end (below KC) Shunyata's have a stronger - less polite -signature and are better on lower end digital front ends than the Cary.

Muralman1 makes me laugh. Keith!! Change your Mahlers before you ad an aftermarket power cord or use the one that came with the Cary. Great advice!! LOL.