What music or equipment gifts did you get for Christmas this year?

Merry Christmas All! My wife got me a VPI Analog Drive System this year of which I'm very impressed with so far. Anybody else get anything?
Should not take you too long to rip your collection to the vault.
Best piece I have purchased for a long time!
My CD collection is now gathering dust in boxes in the attic.
You will also find the ability to stream Tidal and the like a huge boon.
Furthermore the sq exceeds the original CD especially if you select wav as your rip encoder setting.
My daughter bought me a 2 CD set of Hans Zimmer's "Live in Prague" album.  The first CD will not play no matter what I do.  Can't see any nasty scratches that might account for my player's inability to read the disc.  Oh well.  Back to Amazon it shall go!
From my wife, a new VTF gauge and a couple of vinyl-related books.  And from myself, a (used) Parasound JC-3.