What is the fastest clamp?

I recently got back into vinyl and part of my venture was getting a clamp for the turntable. I bought a KAB rubber clamp and it works fine. My only problem with it is that it is semi-cumbersome to install and remove. It is basically a rubber piece that is pushed on and pulled off. Sometimes the pushing or pulling has me physical moving the turntable around. It is sort of messy. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced clamp that is easier to put on and take off or are all clamps like this?
There are clamps that require a threaded spindle. And there are collet-type clamps.

Probably the easiest type to use is actually called a record weight. It performs the same basic function as a clamp, but it uses heavy weight to hold the record down, instead of clamping pressure. There are numerous variations of these record weights around, or you could make your own out of something heavy and about 4" around with a 1/4" hole in the middle.

One word of warning about weights, some turntables have fairly weak main bearing structures, and sometimes the thrust pad in the bottom won't handle the extra weight. Check with your manufacturer about this.
Say a turntable can handle the weight (I have Project 1.2), which is preferred: a clamp or a weight? I have seen some hand made weights and I found the Thorens Stabilizer for about $169, but no reviews on it.

How much weight do you think the Teres bearing will handle? Like I need another project! But, I bet a nice brass on, or copper to match the new Supratek, would be cool. Easy to machine. Maybe 3-4 pounds.

What do you think?

Matchstikman, a weight can be just as good as a clamp. Some people even prefer the weight over the clamp. The amount of weight can vary greatly, depending on the design and maker.

Just remember the more weight you add over the spindle, the more load on the thrust plate, so don't over-do it.

Joe, sounds like another project for you. Take a look at the Redpoint tables on their website. They have a weight that they claim works better than any clamp. If it works on a Redpoint, it will work on a Teres.
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Seriously, go with the weight, a mid size one, no stopping and starting the platter... fast!!!
Why are you bothering with fast? Do you want it fast or do you want it good? Best sounding one I have used is the Lurne clamp which is collet affair made from brass, delrin and wool......I use this in addition to the vacuum holddown on my table.....
The J.A. Michell collet clamp is both easy and secure. You can purchase it at many audiophile type web sites. I have one and am very pleased with its performance. You install with a clock wise twisting motion and remove with a counter clock wise motion. It is not threaded, just works better this way. It is also universal!
The clamp I currently use is rather cumbersome. Maybe "fast" isn't the right term; maybe it should be "convenient." I am sort of leaning towards the Thorens Stabilizer.
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