What is the difference between....

Okay, I am confused, what is the difference between digital and analog interconnects with XLR ends? Why or when do you use one over another?

Digital interconnect are designed to carry digital signals say between a CD transport and a digital/analog converter. Analog interconnect are used when the signal is in analog form say between your preamp and power amp. I once tried to use analog cables to carry digital signals and had all kinds of drop outs.
Ah, but digital interconnects work fine for analog. :-)


Thanks for the responses...this then begs the question. Between the preamp and amp is there any difference if I use xlr ended digital cables or analog from the same manufacturer?

Tx again.
You can use digital cables in place of analog cables....the cost could be a factor?

Let your ear be the guide.
OK. Digital cables have defined impedances (coax 75ohms; xlr 600ohms). Analog interconnects are not so defined. As a result, almost all digital cables will handle analog fine. Some analog cables will not work for digital (but most will).



I was just noticing that digital with xlr for some manufacturers is cheaper for my connection from preamp to amp via XLR. I will use analog to be sure.

I know that my sub requires a 75 ohm impedance, I guess this is why they recommended digital coax for the LFE connection.

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