what is the best sounding turntable for 3k used?

looking for the holly grail of used TT for 3,000 or less. I would hope for reasonably easy set up. Needs to sound good with all kinds of recordings. It would be great to include good recomendations for a cartridge. Mostly listen to older jazz and rock recordings. Have a great mm/mc phono stage in my 2 piece tube pre.
There is a beautiful vintage Garrard 301 for sale on this site for 2150 $.
Difficult to have better TT for that price.
pretty hard to find a bad one with 3k to spend. you can get a thorens 160HD with rega arm(new) too....unless you already own lots of records(or you're prepared to buy lots going forward), try to spend as little as possiblr.
Lenco L75 with your choice of tonearms in giant plinth, Garrard 301 or 401, Technics SP10 Mk II, Denon (various), Thorens TD124. One could argue all day about the relative merits of these choices, but you can't go wrong with any of them, AND they all will retain their value or even appreciate in value over time.
I agree....under 3k go for lenco or gerrard

Under 2k go with technics and buy great cartridge
I vote for Nottingham 294.
not sure if its still out there, but there was a maplenoll ariadne available. It can be a little fussy but once set up, it will provide amazing performance for that price. I am biased however toward this table. The zyx cartridges match well with the table and arm
EMT 948
Garrard 301
Technics SP10MKII

All benefit greatly from adding a good arm.
Thank you for taking the time to post these suggestions. I will start looking into some of the recommendations. Greg.
Where would folks rank the Sota Star? I see used ones for $1850, which still leaves money for a decent arm and cartridge.

I own the Star and like the sound, but I can't compare it to other tables because of differing rooms, and auxiliary equipment.

How about a Linn LP12 or a VPI Scoutmaster?
A Galibier Serac (new) would outplay any of the tables mentioned so far, with the possible exception of a well modified Lenco or Garrard.
I think a used Linn LP12 or used SOTA Saphire, provided a GREAT cartridge is purchased new.
Doug, If the Serac is under $3K, I see your point. Did not know that. It's an excellent choice for anyone who is NOT into any form of DIY audio. The Lenco, Garrard (and I might add the Technics SP10 Mk II) options all require a willingness to get one's hands dirty to at least some degree and to acquire some knowledge about tt physics, in order to maximize their performance.