What is the best sound system you ever heard?

I am curious to hear what in your opinion was the best system you ever heard..

Having heard systems of price ranges going well into 6 figures, got to say it's still a remote facsimile of live. Moving beyond that, I think my system is pretty excellent. 
Nothing is more absurd than to compare recorded music to live, yet people do it all the time.
Easy for me to answer; this Magico/Solution system I described a few years back:


Nothing has come remotely close for me. Returning to the realms of reality, this is my current 2C analog/digital system that sounds and looks fantastic to me:

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@orpheus10, but even after a hundred years or so that's one of the hallmarks, a key reference point of all audio (domestic, film, broadcast etc), isn't it?

Of course you can't reproduce the  acoustics of the Albert Hall in your car but you could still get an idea, couldn't you?