What is that thing in the AudioFest 2004 Headline

...at the top of the Audiogon homepage. Every so often a fantastic looking curved polished piece of machinery shows up in the link to this show report, but I don't see any pictures of it in the report. What is it? It looks kind of like the amplifiers on the ElectronLuv.com website. Is this a new amp from them, or is someone else building to this quality?
Yes, it's a new(ish) preamp from Josh of Electronluv. It was in Terry Cain's room, for the show. It belongs to a guy in Canada, who now has delivery of it. I have one which is similar in circuit design but much different in parts choices and equally phantasmagorical in looks. The sound is out of this world, sonically matching the appearance in its' uniqueness. Josh has quietly turned out a few interesting pieces lately which have yet to get on his website, including these 2 preamps, a huge pair of 211/212 monoblocks simliar to his GM70 amps from VSAC2003 and he has a few other things nearing completion including a multi-way GOTO-driver'ed horn system crafted of aluminum and stainless.

You can find the picture in the Conifer 3 Ballroom picture set. This set is number 57 of 64 sets and appears near the bottom of the next-to-the-last page. They sure look exotic.