What is Rec Amp Power 50W-150W vs 25W-150W

Recommended Amplifier Power 50W - 120W
Sorry if this seems like a silly question, I'm a newbie here. Does this mean that the speaker only gets going at 50w? I'm looking to get a pair of speakers but some say 25w - 150w and others 50w - 150w. Whats the difference?
Don't take those minimum power ratings too literally. The power levels that you'll be listening at depend on the efficiency of the speakers (specified in db at 1 meter at 2.83 volts or 1 watt input), the size of your room, the distance between the listening position and the speakers, and the dynamic range of the music you typically listen to (which is greatest for well-recorded symphony orchestra, and is narrow for most pop recordings, jazz, and chamber music).

Your amplifier should probably have a power rating comparable to the maximum rating of the speakers. If you don't typically listen to wide dynamic range recordings, you can probably get away with a less powerful amp, particularly if the speakers are efficient (greater than 90db sensitivity), and your room and listening distance are not especially large.

-- Al