What is more affordable option to WBT and more ...

I'm about to replace all connectors on my VTL MB100 monoblocks. I know that WBT binding posts have the best performance but they're too costly.
I've already replaced the stock RCA jacks to Cardas and it made a huge difference towards details and clarity(maybe because I use a passive preamp). My objective is to use the same connection metal on both ends Male and Female since it minimizes the connection reactance.
Also the powercord replacement is unavoidable and will be done very soon.
Now I'm aiming through mods with electronics that highly
unrecommended by manufacturer(is it their philosophy or it's true...?) Does anyone know the source of the best DIY VTL project available to get?
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The unplated Cardas are excellent as is the Vampire 6-9's linear crystal OFC copper with direct gold plate. I use both in my system to good effect, as they have different personalities.

The Cardas is the more like the WBT of the two. The bass on the Cardas will not exhibit the powerful personality of the WBT. Whether one is more correct with the other simply being "colored" will be debated as long as they are both in production.
The Cardas Rhodium are very good, as good as any other connectors I have heard. Michael Percy Audio still carries them I believe. Music Direct is another source. Jeff Rowland uses the Cardas Rhodium posts on the Concentra II. The previous post is correct with regard to the debate of binding post sound. They are both good enough that I would obsess on other aspects of the system before the binding posts unless they were plastic junk. Jallen