What is better ML, Krell or Classe

Which of these amps sound refined like tubes with midrange magic, great soundstaging/layering and papability. Mark Levinson No.335, Krell FPB 300C or Classe CA 401?

Some of this has already been addressed recently. Look at a couple of posts below labeled: Levinson vs. Classe and Plinius SA-250 or Mark Levinson/Krell/Mc
Ok. Great question. I had a krell ksa 150 and that sounded awesome, That series was warmer sounding compared to the new series. I sold my krell for a Mark Levinson 331 And I had that midrange magic your looking for. Then I had the chance to sell my 331 and buy a 335 and that my freind is when the magic really happened. What an improvement over the older series. The old 300 series Levinson was awesome then and the new 300 series is awesome now in every way. One complaint people would have with levinson was that it didnt have the slam the krell had well now it does. All krell has is slam no refinement at all. Tkae it from me I have owned them both. How many times have you heard that the levinson midrange is like LIQUID? Well it is. As far as the classe goes great stuff not as good of sound. They gear their products to sound to warm, warm is good to warm gives a false presentation. One thing to remember is Levinson pulls you into a performance and krell spits it in your face now you decide. Good luck What speakers are you using?
As it turns out, I've had the chance to compare Classe 401, ML 336, and Krell FPB300 in the last two months. If you're looking for the smooth midrange, ML is the one. Classe didn't seem to have the imaging depth (I've found this to be true for all Classe stuff when compared to higher-grade amps). I have to disagree with Lev335 regarding the slam factor though. While the ML had reasonable slam, it was simply not the equal of the Krell in that department. By comparison, I found the ML "soft-sounding" even though it had more power (350@8 vs. 300) and a true dual-mono architecture. I would also say in general that the Krell's "lack of refinement" is overstated. Not quite as refined as the ML in the mids and highs, but to suggest it has none at all is simply not true. Good luck!
What about Plinius? You should try the SA-250.
Lev335 I am using Apogee Stage.
Once you hear the Lamm ML1s, you will sell all of you ML, Krell, etc. I have owned them all- I have the 33H in the garage still in the orig packaging, will open and compare this Sat- but doubtful it will be as good as the Lamms.
A4s4, I thought about the Lamms but I wanted a little more power on tap and thought the price of admission was too steep. Please post your findings on how they compare.
Classe is more life like: sound stage and depth(ca-400), bass. Krell is too focused(fpb-300,600)and analytical and bass in your lap . ML i have not heard
I think it's unfair to compare the 401 to these amps. You need to compare the Classe CAM-350s or the Omicron.
Even though I finally picked the ML 336 I would have to say that the Pass Labs X350/X600 mono was very close ...very lush..

Gladstone, it is fair comparision between CA-400/401 to the Krell FPB-300/600. They both are not monoblocks. The CAM-350 would be fair comparision with the new Krells Monoblocks.
Always felt that when it came to these three choices that Classe had the best all round sound; great tube-like mids and highs with very good bass control. Classe also has exceptional customer service.