What is a good polish for black acrylic?

I just bought a Basis turntable that is largely made of acrylic with a black glossy finish. This is the second piece of equipment I own with this type of material and glossy finish. How do you polish this type of surface without leaving swirls etc. Are any of the commericial acrylic polishers any good?
I use a small amount of automotive polish ( not wax) and a soft lint free cloth every once in a while. I also found that the auto spray detailer liquid works well. A few manufactures of this kind of finish recommend a windex type of spray and lint free cloth, but I found that once in a while thats okay, but not too often with the windex. Use a sepeperate clean lint free cloth very lightly as a buffer to finish after you have taken the polish off. Watch out for that stylus! :)
I own a Plastic Fabrication company and for the better part of 30 years we use Novus Cleaner. Novus makes a # 1 cleaner and polish that eliminates static and will leave the finish spot less when applied properly and buffed clean with a tee shirt type material. Novus # 2 can be used if you have light scratches this will remove them and also leave the surface spotless. Black can be difficult as it shows everything but Novus will work very well.
If you can't find locally, send me a e-mail and I will see to it you receive this product.
Dave has the best advise. I work in the sign industry and Novus is the best product for acrylic. Good luck.
The Best I have is PLEXUS,www.plexusplasticcleaner.com.
Music Direct sell it, but it`s all around at car dealers and
motorcycles shop.It`s the BEST.
I agree with the suggestion for Novis.

The only other cleaner-polish that I feel is equal is ROR. ROR stands for residual oil remover and is designed for cameras and high quality optical products. NASA uses this and treating a high quality camera lenses will actually delivers MORE light to the film (or digital pickup).

Link to home page if you wish to learn more. I have been using this and Novis for many years and love both products. The neat thing about ROR is it removes all traces of previous treatment without harm.

where can i find this novis product? thanks guys..
Well, for starters I used Google and found this:


If you don't want to wait for it to be shipped, I've seen Novus for sale at upscale hardware stores, a few Home Depot's, almost every Container Store and many plastic's supply houses (look in local Yellow pages "Plastics").

Here is a link to the Container Store page with location listings. With luck, you live near one.

What about the clear plastic covers for turntables? I just recently got a used one in the mail and it (cover and turntable) were taped together for shipment, but i can't seem to get the residue off the cover. The tape used was clear packing tape. I've not done anything yet to try to really get it all off because i thought i might damage the plastic. Would this polish for plastics work? robert
I've used Plexus for years on my clear plastic motorcycle fairing windshields and my clear face shields on my helmet.

Works very well, and is quick and easy.
Gives perfectly optically clear results.

Look for a spray product called Zaino which is used to detail cars.

Good Luck!
How about Novus on the clear-faceplate of a tuner?

I've used a plastic polish by Meguiars on the carbonate windshield of a boat and it did a nice job with small scratches & cleared a little haze.