What is a good phono stage

I am getting back into records and am looking for a good phono stage. I have seen the commercial reviews for the Graham Era V and the EAR 834.

Has anyone had any experience with the Bryston BP1.5?

I have all Bryston electronics (SP1.7 processor and 3B SST amp), so I thought it would be a good choice. However, it is about twice the price.

Will this give me any better sound over the other two?
What do others recommend?


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What's your current turntable and what's your pricerange?
Hi, Michael:

I replaced my Lehmann Black Cube SE phono preamp about 8 months ago with a Bryston BP-1.5, and frankly was quite startled at the improvement in performance with the Bryston. The most immediate difference I noted was in the transient response and dynamic range -- lots more "oomph", particularly in the lower frequency range -- and improved transparency. After more extended listening, I also realized that the soundstaging was wider, deeper, and more realistic than the Black Cube.

I have not heard the EAR 834, but I have listened to a friend's Graham Era V, and I think the Bryston is markedly better than the Graham. I bought my BP-1.5 from another A-goner for $1200. The question of value vs. cost always involves personal priorities, but I have been VERY pleased with the BP-1.5.

One other phono preamp in the same general price range that deserves consideration is the Sutherland/Acoustech PH-1P, which is sold by Acoustic Productions. At $1500 (retail), it compares very favorably with much more expensive phono preamps.

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Scott C-
My turntable is a VPI HW-19 IV. My price range for a phono stage is under $2000. I am also looking at upgrading to a VPI TNT in the near future.

I have owned the Jolida 9A for about three months now and can highly recommend this excellent phono stage. BUT you have to change the tubes. I am running Tung-Sols now and the detail and extension are impressive.
Under $2000 you should consider Decware ZP 1.5 or 2.0, K&K, and my favorite, the Hagerman Trumpet. All are tubed and come with a 30 day trial period.