What If Wall Shelf Isn't Option For My Turntable?

Hi Everyone,

My turntable has always worked fine resting on a thick piece of plywood situated inside one of those 4-level metal shelf furniture gizmos.

I've changed to a much more powerful integrated amp, and my Vandersteens are VIBRATING when at normal listening levels - they look like somebody shivering out in the cold.

My domestic situation dictates that the turntable be close to the Vandys - something like 18 inches away from the left speaker, and maybe another 18 inches above in the air.

I also cannot install a wall shelf.

Is there anything that can be done to eliminate this feedback problem, barring going back to the old integrated?

I've read about suggestions of sorbothane, cutting a piece of granite, vibrapods, and whatever else, but I have no idea where to begin or what to try.

Any help at all is greatly appreciated - thank you!
Check out the words woofer pumping and subsonic filter on the forum search.
Use wire cables to hang a platform from the ceiling, if you can. Worked great for me years ago. Once I got used to the floating shelf, was fine. No feeback or footfall thumps at all
Do you live close to an ikea, if yes your in luck. Buy an ikea "LACK" table they are light ridged little stands that cost next to nothing can support your TT and can also be treaded for spikes. I also here that Target and Walmart sell a table similar to the ikea in their furniture dept.The only thing their's is only in "black" where the ikea comes in numorous colors.
A cheap fix is to get some wheelbarrow inner tubes and place them on your horizontal surface, then put a cement block or slab of wood on the inner tubes. On this you can set your turntable. I learned this trick in graduate school where we needed a vibration-free platform to damp out building vibrations and our research group didn't have any money. Your woofer pumping issue is another problem that probablly is due to a mismatch between your arm and cartridge. There is a lot of discussion on this forum about fixing it.
A Vibraplane will fix your problem, and will sound like you upgraded your turntable at the same time.