What Else Sounds Like A Wilson Watt?

I'm currently using Wilson Watts as my main speakers (no puppy's) and am considering adding a third speaker to use as a center channel. I'd like to have the three speakers across the front as closely matched as possible, so a third Watt would be ideal, but Watt's without the Puppy's are pretty rare.

So, I'm looking for alternatives... what other speakers out there sound sufficiently close to the Watt such that they could be used as a center channel alongside a pair of Watt 5's?
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why not try one of wilson's center channels or a sophia?

what version of the watts are you running? what budget figure are you thinking about?
Not my absolute favorite speaker but I do have a pair of Cubs that I sometimes listen to. With the right equipment and placement, they sound very good. They would probably be a good match for you. If you're not using the Puppys, you might like them better for your main speaker and use the Watts your center.
@ Jfrech - watts are 5's that were upgraded to the latest tweeter / xover network. i'd love to go with a wilson center, but i'm trying to keep it to around $1k.

@ blk25 - i've previously owned the cubs. fantastic speakers, but i prefer the watts. a single cub might work nicely as a center channel... could even sit on it's side horizontally. that's definitely something i'll consider.