What do you think of the new 45 rpm releases

There are a few companies that are doing reissues of classical/jazz/other on 45 rpm lps. I heard some over the weekend and was impressed. Have you heard any and/or what did you think of them?
All of the Analogue Productions 45rpm series (jazz and blues) I've heard have sounded superb. The Classic Records classical reissues at 45rpm consistently sound materially better than their 33rpm reissues of the same titles. (Some of the problems with some of the Classic Records 33rpm issues get resolved in the 45rpm versions, e.g., Sibelius/Finlandia and Shostakovich/Age of Gold both have some problems on the 33rpm but sound very very good in the 45rpm reincarnations.)

For both labels, in every case when I've been able to compare the 33 and 45 versions, the 45rpm has been materially better sonically. Cost and convenience considerations are another discussion entirely, but sonically there is no question.
I have the first 50 of the Jazz series and signed up for the next 25. I have several test pressings of single songs at 45rpm from 33-1/3 audiophile lps and love them. I even love the new Beck album cut at 45rpm. I also have and easy time changing my turnatbel speed from 33 to 45, one little red button. If I had to change a pully I would not be as big on it.
I have to agree with Rushton. I would also add that the Cisco 45 reissue of 88 Basie Street is another one of those that only get better at 45 rpm. While most of the Pablo lable recordings were very good in their own right, the Cisco 45's are superb in every way. Low surface noise as well as very natural instrument tone and timbre.
The Speaker's Corner reissues of the Mercury titles are another example of what can be achieved. The Dorati/LSO "Firebird" reissue is wonderful at 33 1/3, but in another world at 45 rpm. Unfortunately, this has proven itself in the fact the the 33 reissue is readily available at $29.95, while the 45 is in low availability and goes for about $150.00 these days. After hearing the 45 rpm "Firebird" for the 1st time (at Rushton's home BTW), I sat stunned for a few minutes and wasn't sure if I should just jump up and applaud. The hairs on the back of my neck were all at full salute.
The new MFSL 45 rpm releases of the Patricia Barber catalog are worth persuing as well if you are a fan of her music.
One of my personal favorites is Classic's 45 reissue of Davis' "Kind of Blue" I have over 10 different versions of this including different pressings of the 33, Classic's reissue on 200 gram vinyl at 33, Redbook, and SACD, and the 45 rpm puts every one of them to shame.
If your tolerance for the expenditure can be justified, the rewards in listening are well worth it.