What do you think is the best amp to go with

I just bought a pair of Legacy Focus 20/20's and my Ayer V3 just dose not do it for me. What do you think is the best amp for me to go with. I have always had a ss, I always wanted to try tubes, but I have heard that a strong ss is the best for the 20/20"s. I have been thinking about a Mark Levinson 331, but I just don't have enough experiance to know for sure. I have a Sony NS999ES player.
My theory reflects my fine restaraunt theory. In a really good restaraunt(although I don't eat much beef)I'll always order the steak. I know what I'm getting/and its hard to screw it up. Back to your question-Pass Labs X-250. You can get it used for under 3K(6K originally)The X-250 is very neutral/lots of power 250/8ohms-500/4ohms and in my humble opinion is as good as any amplifier under the 7-8K range. Its built like a tank/its a gorgeous amp/oh and some guy named Nelson pass designed it. There are other good choices,but I highly doubt you would regret buying the X-250.
A friend of mine has the McCormack DNA 500 to power his Legacy's and loves the combination.
What do YOU think is the best amp for you to go with?
Maybe you should experiment more with fine-tuning the speaker placement or possibly changing the speaker cables before deciding to move to another amplifier...
I suggest either a Coda or McCormack for the Legacy higher end speakers such as yours. Coda is who made the Legacy amp and preamps up until a couple of years ago. A Coda Continuum Ultra would be the best choice but any would work very well. Check out their web site or give them a call. Mark or Doug is very helpful. Or call or email Steve McCormack about the McCormacks. Either of these amp choices would bring a life time of musical happiness. Just a side note, Kimber 8TC is the speaker cable that Legacy uses.
I have decided to go with a c.j. evolution 2000
Classe works great with my fathers 20/20's
Ive used 4 amps now, some extremely powerful, and my ayre v-5xe still betters them all and also drives them till I get a headache if need be.I cant imagine needing more than a 120x2 amp in 8ohms, unless it cant handle lower dips.