What do think of Anthem PV2

I'm thinking of this Power Amp seems to be a nice sound. Anyone had any dealings with them other than Home Theater...I believe the Amp is only 700...
Feedback request>Thanks
Hello Carusoracer,i have a PVA2 with a tube preamp and paradigm studio 100s and am pretty happy with it ,im getting a cj mf2500a in a couple weeks,the anthem works good with all kinds of music,very easy to listen to,i think its a great amp for the money,if you can find a used or demo you can save some money,,,still a good buy new ! if you have any specific questions let me know ,,how large is your room,which speakers will you be using?
Thanks for response,
My system currently is a Rotel RB 1070
Parasound 850 Pre Amp
NHT ST4 Speakers
PS Audio Extreme Plus Prelude Speaker cables
Monster Interconnects...
Looking for a CD or DVD player 500-800 new or preowned
I'm down to the Music Hall Maverick MMFCD25,Rega Planet,Denon 2910

Room is a great room with vaulted ceiling and approx 18x20
wall to wall carpeting...not a very warm room.
I did a demo against the Rotel and Anthem at Stereo store. The Anthem seemed more relaxed and not as edgy or bright as my Rotel...The Rotel did seem to have the power edge.
The big issue is that I really like the sound of my NHT's so alot of the speakers I heard where very nice but I liked mine better. Maybe will have to do a home demo.
Do not see many listings regarding the Amp here in Audiogon
your right there is not much info on audiogon for Anthem PVA 2,theres a few reviews on Audioreview.com also do a google search youll find a few magazine reviews,audioreview is all consumer reviews,if power is a concern you can get a used MCA 2 which has 220 wpc i believe for about the same price as a new PVA 2,what are your thoughts on your PS audio speaker cables?im using LAT ss1000d biwires which work good with my system,i have a pr. of PS resolution plus ICs on order,have you read the review on Rotels newer CD player in The Absolute Sound? cant recall model number,but it got some really good reviews,,what kind of music do you listen too?
I read the review on the Rotel by Absolute Sound. I also caught a review of the Music Hall MMF CD25. I think the only way to decide would be an A/B comparison. I would like to have SACD with the Music Hall and I would be done shopping;-)
I hooked up the PS Audio Speaker Cables and noticed right away more detail. I'm not sure if they are "burned in" or not by now. But they have made the source of the Brightness evident or should I say upper end harshness come out on my NHT's. This is what made me actually go to the store thinking Interconnects when the very astute saleperson had me A/B the Anthem and my Rotel. They Rotel did seem to have more power but it became evident to me that I liked the Anthem sound better. It seemed to be more detailed with a softer? high end.
I listen to alot of Jazz and New Age music. The other issue I noticed with cables is the quality in recordings,thus leading me to fact that I need to update my CD player.