What do I do for an upgrade ?

I have an EAD Ultradisc 2000, and want to improve the digital end of my system. I'm considering a Sim Audio Eclipse, but wonder if I'd be better off using the Transport of my present Cd player, ans getting a DAc . Any suggestions are welcome. Got the improvement bug, and have a pair of VR4jr's arriving soon.HELP!!..)))))))))
Why don't you see how well the VR4jr's perform with your present gear before you consider whether or not the system needs an additional upgrade? Usually when you make more than one major change at a time you loose your point of reference... And no one can predict what the results might be.

Once you try the speakers, you'll know what areas are lacking (or not) and this knowledge can guide you in your search for other viable upgrades.

I've tried quite a few things in my two systems lately, and some components that should have made improvements didn't. Meanwhile, other changes that I didn't expect to work that well, had a certain synergy that made them keepers.

Normally, I change one item at a time and I don't sell any item until it has been clearly outclassed by another. I always make certain I can retrace the steps to my original configuration if necessary. That way, my system constantly evolves for the better instead of transforming into something different that may not be as musically satisfying in the long run.
does the 2000 player use the same stable platter transport mechanism as the 1000 transport? If so I found the 1000 transport as not very good quality sound at all especially if compared to the 7000 transport or something better like a Wadia 20 transport
The VR4jr's alone will need some time spent on your part or you really won't know for sure how much difference in sound is caused by the new speakers or the new digital.

Very good advice by Plato which should be the standard for us all.

Yes, I believe it is the same platter. It is the Pioneer Stable platter system.
Iinitially had a Krell 300CD, but it was like a buzz-saw as far as smoothness went.Inever could get a relaxed sound from it, and so the EAD was a side step . A good deck for the money, but I'm looking for ways to get a more refined, transparent sound.

Thanks for the thoughts....I'll wait a month or two till the VR4jr's break in before making a descision.

The finest DAC for the $ in my humble opinion is by far the Audio Logic 24MXL. It retails at $4000 and you can pick up a demo for $3300 with warranty or used/unwarranted unit at
2500. I bought one new and use a simple/inexpensive marantz CD player as the transport...this combo is better than my old Levinson 31.5/30.5 at a small fraction of the cost!