What Caps For My Tuner

I am thinking of upgrading the caps in my Scott 310E tuner, anyone know of any good matches for this tuner?
Power supply caps, or coupling caps?

What are the values of the caps, and your budget?

In what way would you like the sound to be different as a result of changing caps?

John C.
Well John,
I am not trying to change the sound so much as I am worried about 40 year old caps. I only want to change what needs to be changed, and then put the best match for my tuner.
I just re-capped my 1960 Sherwood S-2000 tube tuner, and I replaced all the old GoodAll paper caps with Sonicap GenI caps, except for the output coupling cap, which is an Auricap (I also increased the value of this cap, resulting in improved bass response). This route was not too expensive, as the Sonicaps are very reasonably priced. All I can say is it sounds GREAT, even though it is mono only.

Currently building the Bob Fitzgerald MPX decoder to convert my Sherwood to stereo. I'll post the results when I'm done.
Oh, I forgot. I also replaced the three-section PS electrolytic cap with a brand new replacement from Antique Electronic Supply. They are manufactured today using the old equipment used to make the originals. It fit perfectly and works great - much easier than wiring in individual caps as a replacement, and it looks just like the original as well. The one I am using is a four-section (it was the closest match size-wise), but I'm only using three of the sections.
Thanks Ait that sounds like a good start.