What are differences between Dual 301/401?

Or the Thorens 124 and 124II.Which doi you think sounds btter the ZDual or the Thorens.Both have been getting big prices on Ebay and A'Gon and there are more manufacturers of attractive plinths (like the one for the Dual from speaker maker Cain & Cain) than you can shake a stick at.Oppinions
Ebay is not a good source for what anything is worth. I sold a 10 year old Cd plaer for 189.00 and I payed 149.00 when I bought it. All ebay is is an auction site.

If your looking for a good table, neither one is what your looking for.
I think, in this context, you probably mean Garrard 301/401.

Kal you are right.Thought about after I "pulled a boner".Maybe they can't match upo with modern designs ven "budget ones Like lower price Reagsa and MMF's but there seesm to a a lot of fols restoring them and my sssumption it was more thna nostalgia.HGell I would be happy with a pair of Qaud EL63's,a Thorens 124 and a Mac 275 or Marantz model 8 amp with their companion pre's and have a 40 year old system that sounds as good or better then planty of the gear made 50 years latter.