What amplifier works well with B&W 801 Matrix mkII

I am looking to upgrade. Anyone have experience with Symphonic line Kraft 250 mono's with 801's?
My friend uses Mark Levinson 333 to drive his pair of 801 MK3 beautifully. Excellent bass slam and the rest of spectrum. I don't think you can go wrong with this amp. Good listening.
I used a Threshold S/300 series 2 for many years and it was a great combo with the 801/2.Great bass with pure sounding mids and highs....Still a good amp today,if you can find a used one....
Symphonic Line Kraft 250 would be the best choice without a doubt. It's a perfect match. And I mean in solid state. If you are considering tubes, go with CAT JL2. Either amp would do great with any B&W speakers.
I own a pair of B&W 801 Matrix S3. When I was buying them the dealer demoe the speakers with a Mark Levinson 332 first and then swithed to a ML 333. It was a huge diference!
As Tinman said the bass with the 333 was incredible and sepcially the control of the amplifier over the speaker was very noticable.

I have been running them with a pair of Sonic Frontiers Power 3 monos (220 tube watts). They sound magnificent but now I have the bug of going back to Solid State so I bought a pair of Threshold T400 amps. I just start using them in mono configuration (900 watts in 4 ohms) and let me tell you, the bass coming out of the 801 is deep and tight, the midrange is so transparent and effortless and highs crisp and clear. I think I am going to keep the Thresholds and sell the Sonic Frontiers.

Don't get me wrong, the SF sound beautiful. I just want to go back to SS.
I've been using the 801's with the Krell KSA 250 AMP.
Great sounding and built like a tank.