What about the aer?

Observing grown man discussing the importance of o rings
I got this idea. Not exactly sure how to define 'aer' but
it seems to me to be obvius that all those particles that
prefer to hide in the groove of your beloved LP's come from there. You may spend $4000 for a cleaning machine +
some exotic liquids but there is no better illustration of
the so called 'Sisyphean labour' because you need to repeat the process. My quess: some vacuum arrangement around our TT ?
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A must would be a $100k electron microscope platform, discussion ended.
Air cleaner. Keep an air cleaner HEPA type, running in your listening area all the time you are not listening. You will be amazed at how little dust remains.
a BIG barrle shaped sucker is best, Honeywell 18" across and two feet high is what you want.
I own two. (one just loaned to a friend for sick building syndrome))
ANY air problems? Get the HEPA type air cleaner. problem solved.
Dear Elizabeth, I like your writings but like the pope stated to some lady ' I am already Catholic' , I already
own an air cleaner (Honeywell). But the dust comes everywhere and I have no intention to fight everywhere but
in particular for my records.
Buconero, are those platforms obtainable second hand?