What about 7"45's anybody still listen to them?

I really like my old 45's,still have my 2 beatle 45's from 1964.I have a lot of 45's and a lot of them sound totally fantastic for 50 cents.I find I actually like the way they sound over some Lp's and almost all Cd's of the same thing.I never hear any talk about the lowly old 7" 45.My beatles I saw her standing there blows away the new cd.
i still collect them, but rarely play them.
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I still have about 20 or so. I like the way they sound.
I have 20 picture sleeved 7" records displayed in various areas of my listening rooms. Semi-rare stuff from Beatles, Stones, Beach Boys, Kinks, Dave Clark 5, etc. Never play them.

The other 1,000 or so are packed and stored in the basement. Probably haven't seen the light of day in 35 years.

Can you say packrat?
I have a hundred or so but would never play one on my table for fear of the cart slipping and dragging on the felt mat. Whew! I just cringed..
Yes. I have 45 RPM only weekends (7 + 10 + LP). It's a blast...
One of my gems in my collection is a 7" passed down from my mother. It is a 1957 German pressing on RCA but by Telefunken/Decca of four Louis Armstrong tracks recorded in 1932, 33 and 47, Rockin' Chair, Bassin Stree Blues, St-James Infirmary and when its sleepy time down south.

My Mom passed down about 50 other 7" but they were in pretty bad condition mostly German dixieland Jazz such as the Chris Barber Jazz Band. They are fun to listen to, but in lousy shape. I wont be using my Benz to listen to these records.
If anyone ever makes it to Jerrys records in Pitts PA, he has tens if not hundreds of thousands of 45 rpm singles in his collection, stacked floor to ceiling in alphabeticaal order.
If anyone ever gets a jukebox or needs material for one or just enjoys singles from all areas of music you need to make a trip there..............its amazing.
That's an enormous amount of 45's,I wish he was closer.I like playing them on my lower end rotel table.Every once in a while I go to the 2 local record stores and dig through the just came in rack at 2 for buck.Anybody remember putting a penny than a nickel on top of the tone arm to keep it from skipping?I think I did it with my beatle she loves you 45 which I still have and plays as my first record.
I can pick up anything you want if you give me list and pay for the added expense of shipping....let me know if you would want sometihng, cheers
Thanks Chadnliz,I'll have to go through my collection and see.Some of them can get real expensive.I stood next to a guy at a show and he was trying to get the dealer down to $500. for one Elvis 45.
Spin More records in Kent, Ohio has a ton of them!
You're KIDDING, right? ha ha ha
I have hundreds of them that I play pretty frequently. Some are 7" EP releases or singles, others are just radio/juke singles. I like the format.

I keep them in the IKEA dvd storage boxes...fit about 50-75 in each box. I can carry a box of them down stairs and just sit in front of my kit flippin through them and putting them on the platter one by one. its a blast.
I Have about 8000 now , used to be triple that but that's a story for another day. Used to have 2 Phillips 212 tt then 2 312's into a sansui 717 with a double stack of advents. Heaven