Wharfedale Opus Repair / Replacement issue

So a few years ago I purchased a pair of Wharfedale Opus 2 tower speakers. They were a pretry penny, but fantastic speakers. Recently the tweeters have gone out, and wharfedale is of no help to me what-so-ever. Are their people out there who can do repairs, or am I SOL on my lovely speakers? Any guidance would be muuuuch appreciated :(
The Opus 2 were Wharfedale's TOTL speaker and was replaced by the Jade series just a few years ago. Most speakers carry 5 year warranties and I believe Wharfedale should be no exception.

If you purchased them only a few years ago, they may still be under warranty. I am surprised that Wharfedale cannot be of assistance. I assume you did buy them from an authorized dealer and registered the speakers with Wharfedales website, right?
contact these guys: http://www.mofi.com/Articles.asp?ID=251