Wharfedale Opus Repair / Replacement issue

So a few years ago I purchased a pair of Wharfedale Opus 2 tower speakers. They were a pretry penny, but fantastic speakers. Recently the tweeters have gone out, and wharfedale is of no help to me what-so-ever. Are their people out there who can do repairs, or am I SOL on my lovely speakers? Any guidance would be muuuuch appreciated :(
The Opus 2 were Wharfedale's TOTL speaker and was replaced by the Jade series just a few years ago. Most speakers carry 5 year warranties and I believe Wharfedale should be no exception.

If you purchased them only a few years ago, they may still be under warranty. I am surprised that Wharfedale cannot be of assistance. I assume you did buy them from an authorized dealer and registered the speakers with Wharfedales website, right?
contact these guys: http://www.mofi.com/Articles.asp?ID=251

Hi ripwny,

I know this thread is almost a year old, but I find myself in the boat as you were. I'm, from Mumbai, India and own a pair of Opus 2-2. Lovely speakers, till I blew my amp. When the amp came back from repairs, the speakers just didn't sound the same. So I changed my pre-amp thinking maybe I had damaged that as well, still no luck.

After reading online, I removed the connection plates at the speaker terminals and wired each component separately. The mids and woofers produce sound but the tweeters are deathly silent. I'm wondering whether its the tweeters that are busted or if the crossovers are damaged.

I'd like to know what happened with your issue and whether you were able to repair the tweeters. Please share your story.

Thanks in advance,