Ayon CD player issue

Hi guys
This is for those who, over the past decade, have emailed me for the "official" solution to Ayon CD players that stop in play to re-load or spin without playing. I've emailed you the remedy, and I haven't heard from you since, so I believe it has worked long-term... or you've junked the player because it kept happening a few months after resolving it.

I've sent my Ayon CD-1s to my technician twice in the past decade to carry out the tiny mod... but it has been happening randomly again of late. However, I believe I may have inadvertently stumbled on a more permanent solution. Cutting to the chase - a tiny bit of Blu-Tack on the lip of the CD "wok", just near the sensing pin that is pressed down when you put the lid on. Over the past few days, not a single disc I've played has resulted in the Ayon stopping or re-loading without purpose (you get what I mean, haha). The player has been very well-behaved...

I don't know how or why this works, and surely, there must be a science rather than snake oil to it (please don't ask me which brand of Blu-Tack!).

I've refused to buy another CD player since I got the CD-1s a decade ago, because it's so good musically... just the rare change of tubes. Here's hoping I won't have to and that it will outlive me.

Just sharing...

Thanks for sharing. 

I've fixed CD players in the past, so your post was refreshing.

Thanks but a bit too late for me. I got rid of my Ayon player many years ago after being frustrated with it’s skipping and the US Importer taking no responsibility. 
Ah well... hopefully, Ayon's new players don't have this issue:

Update: The Blu-Tack solution... if your CD is scratched but will play in other transports, sadly, the Ayon will still keep. Fortunately, I can use the DAC section only to hook up another transport.

Thank You for the follow up and link.
Always good to read a thread about another cd/sacd fan!

Happy Listening!