Well Tempered Reference TT

 I have recently inherited a Well Tempered Lab Reference TT
I am not interested in keeping it , not an Audiophile by any means and need to sell it. It is hooked up with a Van de Hul Frog cartridge which I will remove and attempt to sell separate . In regards to the TT I am totally overfaced with the prospect of understanding how to disassemble , remove silicon , pack and put up for sale . This was originally bought by my brother on Audiogon used in 2008 for over $3K. It has been of great service since then and used mainly for 78's and older recordings as in my brothers opinion that was the best set up for the older recordings and transport to CD .  Is it safe to transport in my car to a new location/person to help me?
Its a nice set-up for sure.  You can travel with it. Make sure the arm is secured.  If you can remove the platter and belt, that's a good idea too.
thank you for the advice ,  i will be selling locally and not attempting to ship ..
note sure if Ill post on sale here at Audiogon or not

If this sale, is by Vince Hamiliton, of "Once Analog"Do not buy, as it has been stolen from me, I will be taking action for it's return!!RegardsDavid
@daveyonthecoast   it is not your unit , this was owned by my brother for at least 10 years and has been in his (undisclosed location) home for all this time. He recently passed away and I am working on dispositioning his items.  My research tells me Vince Hamilton is is Australia , I can assure you it was not purchased from him 10 years ago.