Weight of sub-weight A for Micro ma-505mkIII?

I have a Micro ma-505mkIII, I would like to install my Benz Micro Ace H
on it but it is .3 grams to heavy with just the main weight. If anyone has the weight of sub weight A, I can have one machined and get back to spinning some vinyl. Until my Glider S H arrives. I really appreciate any help or advice I can get.
There are some AST-05 and AST-08 for sale on ebay, you might be able to get your answer from the vendor.
I have a ast -08, that replaces the thin wafer nut that secures the tone arm to the table from underneath. What I need is a secondary arm weight. Thanks for the input.
I have the sub-weight for the MA 505 MkI at home. It is the thin weight that slips behind the main counter weight with a little set screw on it. I will try to get it weighed after work. Hanging a washer with a little blutak has worked for me in the past.