We get into a GROOVE.

I find that, upon listeing to a lot of music (vinyl), and trying to evaluate sonics, we can easily get "sucked" into a "lower sonic standard". This happens because, people like me, who buy new lps, become a slave to the "lower standards" that are much lower than the standards we once use to aspire to. These lps aren't up to the standards I know exist. However, one/I can easily get use to the sonics these recordings produce.

It's important to note, this isn't the standard one should aspire to! Hence, "We get into a GROOVE".

We need to stay vigilant, and keep this in mind as we, as Audiophiles, go forward into our journey.

This is one groove I try to avoid. It is very important that we AVOID it!

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Matt...My interpretation of what Slaw is saying is that
"new" vinyl pressings aren't as good as what was
once available?

I however do respectfully disagree. I've stated this many
times and maybe I'm just the luckiest bastard on the planet,
but I spend $300-$500 a month on new vinyl and have found,
(with a few exceptions) that the new crop of LPs are superb.

I just can't complain about my purchases. I have read many
times on here and just about everywhere else about how bad
the new pressings sound and how badly they are pressed, but
I sure don't hear and/or see it. I even took to comparing
all the different versions of some LPs that I own and know
and love and still found this to be true. It ended up being
a futile waste of time. So now I just sit back and listen
and enjoy.

Maybe I'm getting too old and really don't a care anymore.

It's the music that matters...