We get into a GROOVE.

I find that, upon listeing to a lot of music (vinyl), and trying to evaluate sonics, we can easily get "sucked" into a "lower sonic standard". This happens because, people like me, who buy new lps, become a slave to the "lower standards" that are much lower than the standards we once use to aspire to. These lps aren't up to the standards I know exist. However, one/I can easily get use to the sonics these recordings produce.

It's important to note, this isn't the standard one should aspire to! Hence, "We get into a GROOVE".

We need to stay vigilant, and keep this in mind as we, as Audiophiles, go forward into our journey.

This is one groove I try to avoid. It is very important that we AVOID it!

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Hopefully your tastes will eventually evolve to the point
where you're just thinking about whether you're digging the
experience of listening to the record and less about the
sonics. When you reach that stage, you'll actually be
enjoying yourself. Let me give an example - I bought a copy
of Otis Redding, Dock of the Bay. Absolute shite 60's
compressed sonics. But the song is so great, it makes the
whole experience rewarding. Until you get to that point,
audiophilia will be nothing more than a source of constant
grief, whether you want to admit or not. It takes a long time
to get there, but maybe you will someday.