Wavelength Proton

Has anyone heard the Proton? I currently have a PS audio DL III, and am wondering if the Proton would be much of an upgrade. Has anyone compared it to the other usual suspects in this price range (benchmark, bel canto, stello, scott nixon, channel island, etc)?
I just purchased the Proton. I'm using it with a MacBook Pro running Amarra. It sounds great. I use it as a portable DAC with headphones - out for coffee, that sort of thing. I'm having a blast downloading hi-res files. As well, I found that J. Gordon Rankin (head guy at Wavelength) is incredibly helpful if you have any concerns about the Proton.
I just got a proton recently, and love it! I haven't used it with headphones yet but I love it hooked up to my main system. Ditto on what Docmark said about Gordon, great guy!
I can't comment on the Proton as I've never heard it in my system but agree with the posters above about Gordon.

I own a Crimson.
I used this once with the senns hd650 and the performance is ok. Despite it has negative reviews...