Opus 21 vs. Mac Mini with Wavelength USB DAC

I currentlly own the Opus 21 and am VERY happy. I have 2,000+ CD's though. I am really thinking of getting a Mac Mini and a Wavelength USB DAC and using that as my source. What are your thoughts in terms of sound quality?

Today, I heard a Mac Mini using a ARC USB DAC compared to the ARC top of the line CDP and thought that the Mac Mini system did some things better.

Your thoughts?

I compared the Wavelength Cosecant V2 with CD players from Ayre (D-1xe) and Audio Aero (capitole mk 2) I found that the Ayre had the slightest edge in sound on the Cosecant but the convenience of having all your music far outweighed the advantage in sound. Since I have upgraded my Cosecant DAC to the MHDT labs Paradisea +, the best part is the Paradisea only costs 600 new, compared to the Cosecant at 3500.

With a library of that many CDs you will love having it all stored and ready for playback instead of hunting for something to put in your CD player.
So you think that the MHDT was an upgrade compared to the Wavelength Cosecant? Really? Please explain what you liked better if you don't mind.
FYI, Resoulution Audio offers the "extra sources" component that you can connect to your Opus 21 that would allow you to use a USB source with the Opus. If you're happy with your current sound, this may be an option for you.

USB audio is still shakey, I owned a cosecant for about a year and thought the $500 apogee duet bested it. The wavelength did not have low or tight bass and was restricted in the upper frequencies. Additionally one of the transformers was wired incorrectly. I discovered this after having no center image and reversing one speaker wire +/-. I called Gordon who could not figure out how this could be possible. So I popped the bottom cover to discover one set of transformer output wires were wired in reverse. A quick resolder and all was well, I did sell it as I thought it was not to my ears a great dac. Others love this unit but other than a nice midrange there is not alot there.
A mac mini optical out to a decent dac had produced better results in my system.