Warner Imaging ER 300 MSE

I recently purchased a pair of Warner Imaging ER 300 MSE's. These were in very limited production and as such very little info is available with the exception of the review in the October, 2000 issue of Soundstage.


I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who may have any experience with these.

I presently use them with a Thor TA2000 MK II preamp and B&W 802d's. The synergy couldn't be better. Its my understanding that they were voiced using a TA 1000 pre from Thor.

It was brought to my attention that they share some similar design philoshy to the Dartzeel NHB 108 in its circuitry and use of bipolar transistors although not exactly the same.

Would also be curious to know if these share a similar break-in time to the Dartzeel, which from my reading is around 600 hours. These are around the 200 hour mark and are definitely evolving.

Thanks in advance for any comments or observations.
Thorobread - reach out to D_Edwards here on the gon. I believe he still owns his Warner Imaging amps, and has had them for a while. He would be a lot of help to you.
I used to be a Warner Imaging dealer, and used them with a Thor preamp also.

That's a superb amplifier - one of the best-sounding solid state amps I ever had. I'll tell you a story about the amp.

The designer Emil Rotar talked to me over the phone about how good the phase response of the amps was, and I listened politely and pretended to understand and be suitably impressed by the numbers he cited (something like plus or minus two degrees from 100 Hz to 10 kHz).

Fast-forward a couple of months, to Park City Utah where I took the amps for SoundLab to try them out on a pair of their fullrange electrostatic speakers. We hooked the amps up to a pair of U-1's and turned everything on. Within the first ten or fifteen seconds of music, Roger West (designer of the SoundLabs speakers) turns to me and says, "Say, these amps have very good phase response!"

Now I don't know how to home in on what he was hearing, but obviously it's audible and readily identifiable by those who know what to listen for. Whatever it is, it's part of what makes these amps so special and long-term enjoyable.


I have a pair of WI mono blocks. One amp blew out. I think its a cap. Nobody can fix it because there isn't a schematic, and all info has been rubbed off the circuit board.The company is out of business and I cant get in touch with anyone.
Does anybody know a repair shop that can fix it.

Thanks for any light on this,

Sorry, I haven'tlogged in for a couple of years and the system had my old email address.
I have the schematic. I'm one of the original design engineers that worked with Emil on this.

Tomanoid, Are you familiar with a model VTE400DM amplifier made by Warner Imaging? A neighbor has one that he wants to sell me but he's asking a lot and since I've never heard of this company could you offer any comments or help?
Hi Dan,

I just checked back on this thread and saw you recently responded to it.
I have the VTE 300M
Both amps have blown and I would love to have them repaired. Can you repair them or furnish a schematic?


Hi great amps but if they go down no one knows how to repair them.
i am in that boat now. $3500 worth of boat anchors. Sickening.
Hi Dan

Sure you don't remember me I drove Emil to your home after he shut down Warner Imaging a few years back, and we worked together for a Defense Contractor. I still own my 3 Warner Amps the 2 ER300M's and the Stereo VTE200. You owned the smaller black monoblocks at the time. Mine have worked great for me, but after resting for long periods of time I put them on a variac by habit. One local shop in Baltimore "Just Audio" did do a minor adjustment after all these years and commented it was the sweetest solid state amplifier he has ever heard. Noone had the schematic so I put both amps in the shop together so he could piggy back off the other in case there was a problem, but none after all this time. There are a few out there just 20 total ER300's were produced. After all this time the caps are the culprits for sure if not used regularly. Just my thoughts!

So whats the deal with Tomaniod.
He says he designed the amps with Emil and has the schematic.
If he designed the amps and has the schematic why don't he fix
Stewbee amps.
Kevin contacted me to alert me of messages here. This isn't a forum I check very often, but will start checking weekly. I can provide repair services as I do have schematics for all of the models.
I still run a pair of VTE300M mono-blocks and a VTE600DM in my system.
Tomaniod or someone who can get me in contact with him... I am looking for someone to repair my dad's VTE200 model amp. Does Tomaniod still offer to do this or is there a way to get the schematics to repair it ourselves? We have been trying to fix it for several years. Love the amp!


Hello all

I have been in contact with Tomanoid, and plan to deliver my VTE300M's this weekend. Will notify him today to check the forums.


I have a Warner Imaging VTE-400S with some issues. 
Was Dan able to assist you, Kevin?  
I am an audio tech with 25 years fixing high quality audio equipment. As you are aware; there are no schematics for these amps. I have reversed engineered some of the circuits for the WIC amps and am able to repair these. Contact me for more information. TY