wanted to buy

how do i post for a item that i want to purchase "wanted to buy
There is a dedicated "Wanted" section you can use but my experience is that I had better results posting an ad as if you were selling the item you're looking for adding the word "wanted" in the titles of the ad, e.g. XXX Speaker Cables - Wanted.
+1 for Raks recommendation. I have had success when I posted a wanted ad in the selling section vs just posting a listing in the Wanted section of A'gon. Be sure in the seller listing to post "Wanted" or "WTB" in the titles. Also in the ad be specific and even add pictures of what you are looking for.
I need a tweeter for an Avalon Acoustics Avatar. I know that Zilatron made a set of replacement speakers for this speaker that just slipped in with no modification, so there should be some factory ones sitting around collecting dust.