Want to upgrade my speakers ... input please ...

I want to upgrade speakers from my dahlquist 20's to either the Thiel 3.6 or the Alon / nola II plus or possibly to the Vandersteen 3a's my question : Looking for input on the best direction to head off into on my quest to upgrade speakers .... I havn't heard the above mentioned speakers, just going off feedback and reviews .. any input is appreciated .. Thanks in advance !

Mcintosh 2500 for power.

Warmest regards,
Ron Larsen ..
I'd add Usher and Energy Veritas to my audition list.
Well, Ron, these are all very different sounding speakers - what exactly are you looking for? What music do you listen to? How loud? Analog, or digital?
A stab in the dark, not knowing the answers to the above ?s - I absolutely love the Vandy speakers; they don't grab you immediately, but after the oohs and ahhs of other speakers have turned into fatigue and the need to turn down the volume to keep your sanity, the Vandy's will still be playing blissfully beautiful music. Highly recommended.
Good luck!
the vandys.....but your dalquist 20's are classics also
Hi Ron,
I've auditioned the Nola Viper II+ and the IIA with both tube and solid state gear, and with various types of music. The Vipers sounded spectacular with everything I threw at them. They're very accurate and organic sounding. A friend and I have auditioned many a speaker (Usher, Wilson, B&W, Revel, Raidho, Triangle, Vandys, Canton, Meadowlark) over the past 6 months, and the Nolas simply best every one of them. I ended buying a pair of II+ off A'gon.

I don't mean this as a knock on the other speakers, (I could happily live with any of the speakers you mentioned), but the Nolas are truly special.

Hi guys,
I wanted to "thank" everyone for responding and helping me out ... I have a soft spot for the nola vipers but I bought a pristine set of Vandersteen 3a sig's today. Can't hook them up yet ( proper ) till I get a set of biwire speaker cables ... ( sigh ) Anyway .. much thanks for the input!

Warmest regards,
Ron Larsen ..